In this new online course from Lion’s Roar, Buddhist meditation teacher Michael Stone draws on his decades of practice to help you begin—or deepen—your meditation practice. This immersive meditation instruction course will help you establish your own path of practice, equipped with effective tools to see and work with your mind. Your course includes:

  • 3.5 hours of teaching, broken into short videos

  • Guided meditations

  • Suggested readings for each topic

  • Study notes and tips

  • Lifetime access to course


All meditators — even those with years of experience — have questions about the practice. This in-depth course from Michael Stone delivers your answers.

Integrating traditional Vipassana and Zen forms of Buddhist meditation, Michael will lead you step by step through the fundamentals of meditation, working through the details of posture, technique, the tricks to maintaining a daily practice, and how meditation can help you deal with stress, difficult emotions, and painful habitual patterns. You'll learn:

  • how to develop and sustain a regular meditation practice;

  • how meditation can make you more resilient and calm in the face of daily stress;

  • which meditation posture is right for you;

  • techniques that help stabilize emotions and allow you to work directly with habitual patterns and feelings;

  • and much more, all on your own schedule.


01.The Journey of Meditation

  • The Paradox of Meditation Practice

  • How Meditation Differs From Psychotherapy

  • Happiness: The Byproduct of Meditation


02.Introduction to Posture, Breathing, and Mindful Listening

  • Posture — Key points and tips

  • Mindful Listening — Using Sound as a Meditative Object

  • Why Do We Need A Meditative Object?

  • What is Mindfulness and Why is it Important?

  • Cultivating the Conditions for Meditation

  • Summary of Mindful Listening


03.The Path of Meditation: A Practice of Intimacy

  • A Practice of Intimacy

  • Bridging the Gap Between Reality and Expectation


04.Mindfulness of Breathing

  • Transitioning from Mindfulness of Sound to Mindfulness of Breathing

  • Following the Breath in Your Body and Letting the Body Breathe

  • Staying Connected to the Breath Using the Belly and the Nostrils


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05. Engaging Fully in Mindfulness: How to Hold the Breath and Body

  • What to Do With Your Hands and Tongue During Sitting

  • Should You Keep Your Eyes Open or Closed?

  • How to Develop a Daily Practice

  • Quiet The Mind, Quiet The Breath


06. Mindfulness in daily Life

  • Self-Soothing

  • A Practice of Social Action

  • Labelling Thoughts


07. Meditation in Daily Life

  • Turning to Life: The Buddha’s Psychological Model of Approaching Reactivity

  • How To Transform Reactivity

  • A Review of Non-Reactivity and The Spiritual Path

  • Closing Remarks on Karma


08. Resources

  • The Proper Use of Cushions

  • The Proper Use of Chairs


09. Guided Meditation on Sound

10. Guided Meditation on Breath


You'll benefit from practical advice on how to develop & deepen your meditation practice:

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Shôken Michael Stone is a Buddhist teacher, yogi, psychotherapist, and author who presents traditional meditative tools in plain language to facilitate their greater impact in the worlds of psychology, technology, economics, and ecology.

His meditation teachings integrate traditional Vipassana and Zen forms with insights from Yoga and Mahayana Buddhism, while honoring the integrity of each tradition.

Click now to view a free sample lesson, The Paradox of Meditation.

Watch a FREE sample lesson, The Paradox of Meditation